Below is a tailored list of information and support resources to supplement the Safe Workplaces training module.

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Cultural Human Resources Council: Workshops on Maintaining repecful Workplaces

Canadian Heritage and the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) are offering Respectful Workplaces in the Arts workshops to encourage better workplace practices and behaviours. The workshops cover information on Provincial and Territorial legislation, definitions of harassment and bullying as well as case-studies to navigate the complexities of problematic situations. These workshops are not legal nor therapy clinics, they are conversations facilitated by experienced cultural sector leaders. Resources are discussed to help individuals and organizations towards contributing to better work environments and/or to develop their own policies/codes of conduct.

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Canada Council for the Arts: Respectful Worplaces in the Arts

Respectful Workplaces in the Arts is a national campaign to build a sector-wide culture of fairness, dignity and respect. It addresses harassment in the workplace, including sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination and violence. Respectful Workplaces in the Arts will ensure that artists and arts organizations across Canada have the tools, resources and training to prevent harassment of any kind, and build respectful workplaces as the norm in the cultural sector.

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DGC Haven Helpline

The HAVEN Helpline – or Harassment, Anti-racism and Violence Emergency Network – provides direct 24/7 access to incident reporting and counselling services for ACTRA and DGC members for incidents of harassment, violence, discrimination and racism. All calls to HAVEN are on a fully confidential basis within the limits of the law.

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Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television - Code of Conduct

The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television recognizes the right of every individual to safety, dignity, and respect and is committed to helping ensure that all members of the screen-based industries experience a professional environment that is free of violence, harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, and discrimination. With the generous support of New Metric Media and Nordicity, the Canadian Academy has developed a stand-alone Code of Conduct for members, nominees, jurors, and committee members.

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The Canadian Creative Industries Code of Conduct

On November 23, 2017, a coalition of Canadian creative industry stakeholders released a statement committing to zero tolerance for harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence and established working groups to explore the development of a Code of Conduct, safer reporting measures and industry-wide education and training. This Code of Conduct is only the first step in achieving these goals. Working together, we have attempted to be broad in application, inclusive and specific in addressing concerns raised by the brave people who came forward with their experiences of harassment of all kinds.

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